Wednesday, December 01, 2004

For Your Consideration

50 Cent. Ben Affleck. Clay Aiken. Roger Ailes. Iyad Allawi. Andre 3000. Marc Anthony. Yasser Arafat. Lance Armstrong. Tom Arnold. Ron Artest. John Ashcroft. Wally Backman. David Beckham. Paul Begala. Beyonce. Osama Bin Laden. Tony Blair. Robert Blake. Wolf Blitzer. Michael Bloomberg. Barry Bonds. Bono. Milton Bradley. Richard Branson. Paul Bremer. Tom Brokaw. David Brooks. Kevin Brown. Tina Brown. Kobe Bryant. Elisabeth Bumiller. Mark Burnett. Barbara Bush I. Barbara Bush II. Billy Bush. George H. W. Bush. George W. Bush. Jeb Bush. Jenna Bush. Laura Bush. Neil Bush. Clint Butler. Glen Campbell. Naomi Campbell. Tucker Carlson. Jim Caviezel. Ahmed Chalabi. Dick Cheney. Lynne Cheney. Hillary Clinton. Sean Combs. Bill Cosby. Ann Coulter. Katie Couric. Simon Cowell. Tom Cruise. Mark Cuban. Carson Daly. Tom Daschle. Tom DeLay. Howard Dean. Rocco DiSpirito. James Dobson. Maureen Dowd. Matt Drudge. Hillary Duff. Bob Dylan. Bob Edwards. John Edwards. Michael Eisner. Eminem. Lynndie England. Jimmy Fallon. Howard Fineman. Frank Francisco. Al Franken. Thomas Friedman. Bill Frist. Vince Gallo. Bill Gates. Jason Giambi. Mel Gibson. Dick Gephardt. Jose Guillen. Rudy Giuliani. Whoopi Goldberg. Al Gore. Porter Goss. Victoria Gotti. Nancy Grace. John Green. Mary Hart. Teresa Heinz-Kerry. Sean Hannity. Nicki Hilton. Paris Hilton. Christopher Hitchens. Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter. Tom Hanks. Rachel Hunter. Don Imus. Michael Jackson. Jared The Subway Guy. Jay-Z. Ken Jennings.Steve Jobs. John Paul II. Bob Jones III. Star Jones. Kitty Kelley. R. Kelly. Bernard Kerik. John Kerry. Alan Keyes. Lil' Kim. Jimmy Kimmel. Larry King. Dennis Kucinich. Howard Kurtz. Ashton Kutcher. Nick Lachey. Jude Law. Jay Leno. Jerry Lewis. Rush Limbaugh. James Lipton. Lindsay Lohan. Jennifer Lopez. Courtney Love. Joe Lieberman. Rush Limbaugh. Madonna. Bill Maher. Michelle Malkin. Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth. Pedro Martinez. Chris Matthews. Terry McAuliffe. John McCain. Scott McClellan. James McGreevey. Michael Medved. Dennis Miller. Judith Miller. Zell Miller. Liza Minelli. Moby. Michael Moore. Dick Morris. Rupert Murdoch. Nick Nolte. Peggy Noonan. Robert Novak. Pat O'Brien. John E. O'Neill. Bill O'Reilly. Barack Obama. Daniel Okrent. Ashley Olsen. Mary-Kate Olsen. Ol' Dirty Bastard. Oprah. Sarah Jessica Parker. Trey Parker. George Pataki. Sean Penn. Scott Peterson. Dr. Phil. Colin Powell. Michael Powell. Prince. Prince Charles. Vladimir Putin. Colin Quinn. Condoleezza Rice. Dan Rather. Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan Jr. Sumner Redstone. Tara Reid. Nicole Ritchie. Kelly Ripa. A-Rod. Pete Rose. Karl Rove. J.K. Rowling. Donald Rumsfeld. Tim Russert. Jack Ryan. William Safire. Rick Santorum. Michael Savage. Justice Antonin Scalia. Curt Schilling. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ryan Seacrest. Bud Selig. Ariel Sharon. Al Sharpton. Maria Shriver. William Shatner. Gene Simmons. Richard Simmons. Ron Silver. Ashlee Simpson. Jessica Simpson. Anna Nicole Smith. Britney Spears. Phil Spector. Art Spiegelman. Elliot Spitzer. George Stephanapolous. Cat Stevens. George Steinbrenner. Howard Stern. Jon Stewart. Martha Stewart. Rod Stewart. Matt Stone. Barbara Streisand. Sting. Andrew Sullivan. Quentin Tarantino. Charlize Theron. Donald Trump. Meredith Vieira. Adam Vinatieri. David Foster Wallace. George Will. Brian Williams. Jayson Williams. Oprah Winfrey. Tom Wolfe. Paul Wolfowitz. Wonkette. Paula Zahn. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Catherine Zeta-Jones.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

#1. George W. Bush; #2. Bill O'Reilly; #3. Rush Limbaugh; #4. Ann Coulter; #5. Zell Miller; #6. John Ashcroft; #7. Donald Rumsfeld; #8. Mel Gibson; #9. Paris Hilton; #10. Barry Bonds

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